Scheduled Abstracts by Division
Plenary Opening
CIC Medal
Montréal Medal
Closing Plenary - Joint CSC/Public Outreach Event
Analytical and Physical Electrochemistry of Materials - joint with MT, PT
Analytical Separations: Fundamentals, Proof of Principle and Practical Applications
Emerging Applications of Biological and Chemical Sensors with Real Samples
Biochemical, Biophysical and Environmental Insights from Mass Spectrometry
Applications of Nanomaterials in Analysis, Sensing and Imaging – joint with MT
Portable Analytical Systems and Point-of-Care Analysis
General Session
Poster Session
Teaching Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Biology and Imaging - joint with OR
Bio-inorganic Chemistry - joint with IN
Medicinal Chemistry - joint with OR
Poster Session
Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Biology
General Session 1
General Session 2
Glancing Back and Looking Ahead: Chemistry History, Culture & Outreach
Guided-inquiry Learning in Chemistry
Instrumental Analysis in Chemistry Education
Student Presentations in Chemistry Education & Outreach
Chemistry Education Research
First and Second Year Undergraduate Teaching Initiatives
Poster Session
Research and Other Forms of Experiential Learning
General Session
Arctic Chemistry and Biogeochemistry
From Molecular Structure to Global Processes: The Role of Analytical Environmental Chemistry - joint with AN
Organic Contaminants
Atmospheric Chemistry in a Changing Climate
Metals and Metalloids in the Environment
Poster Session
Sustaining Business Development in the Chemical Sector
Chemistry-based Entrepreneurs, Ecosystem, and Case Study
Chemistry-based Start-ups & Small and Medium Enterprises
Best Practices for Successful Academic-Industry Collaborations
Innovative Processes for Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Manufacturing
Industrial Water Treatment Technologies - joint with EN
Life after the Lab: Unconventional Careers for Scientists - joint with CE
Transition Metal Derivatives of Non-innocent Ligands
Main Group Transformations and Catalysis - joint with the Royal Society of Chemistry and OR
Crystalline and Semi-crystalline Molecule-based Materials - joint with MT
Transition Metal Alkyl Chemistry
Poster Session
Recent Advances in Sustainable Chemistry - joint with EN, IC
General Session 1
Advances in Solid State Chemistry
General Session 2
General Session 3
Polymers with Biological and Medicinal Applications
Macromolecules Containing Metal and Inorganic Elements
Stimuli-responsive Polymers and Polymer Gels
Frontiers in Controlled Polymerization - joint with IN
Supramolecular Assembly of Macromolecules and Nanoscale Materials
Poster Session
Surfactants in Macromolecular Science
General Session
Metal and Covalent Organic Frameworks
Dye Chemistry
Optics in Soft Materials
Physical, Theoretical and Computational/Materials Chemistry Joint General Session
Poster Session
Emerging Materials Researchers
Singlet Fission Materials
Nano/Hybrid Materials - joint with MS
Electronic Materials and their Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic and Hybrid Materials)
General Session 2
New Frontiers in Peptide Science - joint with BM
Boron in Modern Organic Synthesis and Catalysis
Recent Advances in the Generation, Utilization and Understanding of Radicals - joint with IN
A Century of Organic Synthesis in Australia and Canada
Transition Metal Catalysis for Organic Synthesis
Functional Organic Pi Systems: Synthesis, Theory and Applications - joint with MT
Fluorinated Molecules: Syntheses, Analyses, and Applications - joint with BM
Recent Advances in Metal-free Transformations
Advances in Heterocycle Synthesis
General Session 1
Poster Session
Reactivity in Organic and Biological Chemistry - joint with BM
General Session 2
Advances in Solid State NMR: Inorganic Materials, Biological Solids and Theoretical Methods
Electron Localization and Delocalization: Theory, Measures, and Applications in Chemistry
Interactions of Charged Species in Droplets and Bulk
Quantum Coherence and Dynamics in Biological Processes
Statistical Mechanics of Soft Matter
Poster Session
Quantum Dynamical Phenomena in Chemistry
Electronic Structure Theory
Nanoengineered Materials: Fundamentals and Applications
Protein Machines and Allostery
Noncovalent Interactions in Quantum Chemistry and Physics: Theory and Applications
Plasmonics for Chemistry and Biology
Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Imaging of Molecular Processes
General Session
Self-assembly at Surfaces
Poster Session
Surface Science in Honour of Peter Norton
Surface Electrochemistry